Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Next Stop, Project Runway!

While I've done lots of cut outs and adding trim to American Apparel items to make Halloween costumes, I've never managed to sew something from scratch. Well, after finding my dream coat was sold out, I decided this one have to change!!

I was going to cut out pieces and drape them onto my dress form randomly, but my mother and sister both yelled at me to get a pattern, so I did. I think it was a McCall's for a faux fur coat. I had something specific in mind, but I trusted myself to make any needed changes!
So far so good, got the lining all done! I already had hot pink fabric so I used that, then ran out so had to line the sleeves in black, shh.
Pieces the coat together... it's almost done and I can't believe how nice it looks! All that's left is adding on the "fur blocking" details on the sleeves and adding the liner!
The final product!! I know it's not professional quality, but I'm thrilled to have finally made something. It's way tight on the hips, but it's warm and it's what I'll be wearing all NY Fashion Week!