Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fashion Dog: Spike from Fresh Jess

Next in my fashion dog series is Spike of Fresh Jess! Hes a 4 year old English bulldog adopted from the Bulldog Haven Northwest rescue. He was surrendered after his former parents couldn't afford major surgeries he needed and when they saw him on the Bulldog Haven NW Facebook page - the rest was history!

Describe a day in your life.
On the weekdays, I pretend I'm asleep until Mom & Dad leave for work. Then I eat breakfast, drink some water, play with my toys, hide my bones around the house, mess up my parents' bed, watch some Animal Planet and lay on my bed looking out the window and judging all the human beings that walk by. I go back to bed around 3pm. When my parents come home, it looks like I've been napping all day!

On the weekends I love to go to the dog park and swim in the lake, and just hang with Mom & Dad all weekend long. I try to see my uncles and other human family too, but dog park dates with all of my favorite lady dogs is a must.

Does your mom ever dress you up?
NO. I have what you call a husky build - big shoulders, short & stocky with no neck. I hate clothes because they never fit me :(

If you could pick one designer to make dog gear, who would it be?
Tom Ford. I'm sure he could make the short and stocky look more handsome than we already are.

What's your favorite online boutique to shop for pet accessories?
I make Mom buy all my stuff at Smiley Dog, Pet Pros, and Amazon. I'm a responsible canine - I support Seattle business!

If you could piddle on one fashion trend right now, what would it be?
Piddle's a funny word! I guess I'd have to say Crocs. I will never understand Crocs, humans. They're so easy to piddle on!

Hooray for rescue dogs! Do you know a fashion dog that should be featured next? Let me know!