Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Hunger Games!

I've posted my cosplay before, but it was Halloween! This time I went all out and dressed up as Effie Trinket for the midnight premiere of The Hunger Games, a book that really impacted me in a way rarely amazing stories do.

Effie, who starts out as a bit vapid and naive, is obsessed with her glam appearance, similar to all residents of the Capitol. Of COURSE I had to dress up as her! I mainly used these two pics to create my look- the very first dress I've ever made!
It was a bit frusterating at times, I'm no seamstress yet, but I'm tres pleased with how the look came out! I found some pretty pink floral fabric to make up the bulk of the dress, threw on my lavender wig (yeah, I already had one!), sewed a giant flower on and tah dah!
Not bad, don't you think? I got recognized quite a bit, so at least I know I looked the part!
I even found her crazy eyelashes! I was tres pleased with how I did my makeup, though definitely had issues getting a good shot of it. I must certainly rock this look again, don't you think?
My friend Allison came at the main character Katniss, and lots of people asked to get their picture taken with us! This was my first time cosplaying at an event where 99% of people were in street clothes - a little scary but it ended up being tons of fun!!

The movie was good, though possibly since I could easily fill in the blanks since I knew the book so well. I hear if you haven't read the books, the movie lacks the depth of the story itself. But still worth watching!