Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Style Challenge: Just Blaze at SXSW

I got a pretty sheer maxi skirt with a tiny mini underneath! I figured it would be perfect for spending the day going to SXSW panels, go to dinner with some fabulous ladies and then go to a party with Just Blaze!

I'm wearing: Skirt from CUSP, necklace tee courtesy of LOFT, Rag & Bone boots and pretty much all of the same jewelry I was wearing yesterday and before!

I went to dinner with some of my favorites, Alyssa and Jordana, and met a new friend, Jess!
Jordy took some pictures of me during dinner, but best of all was the above shot she took of herself!
You can really see the sheer fabulousness of my skirt in this shot! Love it!
Finally we went to Molotov for a Brisk party with music by Roxy Cottontail and Just Blaze, which was super fun! I admit I wasn't familiar with either, but am happy to have been exposed to new, hip music!