Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tiffany's New Metal: RUBEDO

Last week I went to Tiffany & Co for a fabulous party celebrating their 125th anniversary. You know how your first anniversary gifts are supposed to be paper and twenty fifth is silver and so on? Well I think 125th should now be RUBEDO™!

RUBEDO is a killer new metal (alloy) - a mix of copper, silver and gold with a warm luster! It reminds me a bit of rose gold, but at a more affordable price point! The amazing necklace above is a mix of silver a RUBEDO loops.
This picture really shows off its warm tones and luxe look! It looks delicious! Speaking of...
We interrupt this message with a picture of macaroons on a bed of sugar. Yum.
Another RUBEDO piece, also paired with silver. Its warm tones are a perfect complement to the silver, love all the pieces they now have available, including the one they gave me!
Thanks so much for making my year!