Monday, April 30, 2012

F@#! Topshop

I'm usually a bit overly lenient when it comes to designer knock off, but even I was disgusted by a blatantly obvious copy by Topshop that just came to my attention.

The WendyB Original
Wendy Brandes, jewelry designer, writer and all-around awesome friend, had an amazing concept for swear word rings back in 2008. The rings became some of her most popular pieces and she has really expanded the line to include other hilariously fun ones such as OMG, WTF and recently YOLO (I had to Google this, it means You Only Live Once).

But just very recently the below appeared on Topshop's site...
The lame Topshop Copy
As we can see, this is really a blatant rip-off! I mean, they even used the same bloody characters, WTF!

I have frequently bemoaned the cost of Wendy Brandes' jewelry, as I simply can't afford to buy up all the pieces (everything) that I want. But I understand that as a small business she simply doesn't not have the option to mass produce items, thus saving money. And it really cheeses me off to see a huge chain like this take advantage of a small business. What's worse is that we rarely hear about it since most of us can't identify a knock-off unless it's a huge brand name! So spread the word - let's show Topshop this is unacceptable behavior!

Wendy's thoughts on the matter.

UPDATE: Topshop has tweeted: "The  style in question has been removed from sale. We apologise for any misinterpretation and its similarity to Wendy's work." Win for small businesses and awesome people everywhere!