Thursday, April 12, 2012

Honeymoon in Japan

Hello lovelies! I had such a fabulous honeymoon in Japan! Care to see some pictures?

Takoyaki is like battered octopus balls that are extremely popular in Osaka! They were super melty on the inside, a bit crunchy on the outside and definitely the first of many unusual foods I tried (horse sashimi, anyone?)
There mannequin heads at a hair salon were special and needed to be shared!
We took a day trip to Nara to see temples and shines and feed deer! This one decided to harass my backside for a few minutes for more food, much to the Mr's amusement.
We went to Osaka Castle one morning and wandered through the gardens, which were just starting to burst with color!
Lots and lots of color!
We also took a day trip to Kyoto to see more pretty buildings! Alas, a little bit in to our walk, it begin to POUR. Turned into one of the largest storms to hit the area in 50 or so years. The Mr and I got stranded in a train station just outside of Osaka and we decided to walked over a huge bridge in 50 MPH winds to get into the city! Coming the other way was a man on a bike, laughing maniacally - "Mother Nature you can't stop me, mwahahahah!" Was pretty awesome.
In Tokyo was found this great little neighborhood in Shibuya that wasn't so crowded, full of restuarants, music venues and cherry blossoms! Here's me right after I got my hair cut in a salon where no one spoke English... thrilled with my Mia Farrow style pixie, especially considered how badly it could have gone.
We spent a day just wandered around Shubuya and Harajuku - so many amazing sights! I can see why people in Japan are so willing to go outside the box when it comes to fashion!
DC's cherry blossoms had already come and gone, but it was perfect timing in Japan! We went to Yoyogi Park in Harajuku on our last day and spent time meeting cool people and celebrating the pretty!!!

I had so much fun, but I'm glad to be back! I hope to return to somewhat regularly scheduled programing soon... so much work to catch up on!