Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fashion Dog: Blue of Real Girl Runway

Dashing, no?
Next up in my Fashion Dog series is Blue from Deb of  Real Girl Runway! A 10-year-old Blue Tick, Blue Heeler mix, he was adopted during a pet adoption day at Petsmart. He was very scared and curled in the back of his kennel, but Mommy Liz got him to come to her and it was love at first sight. His sister Anita is a German Short Haired Pointer mix. She's 7 and very very active. He also has a sister cat named Hemingway. They call pups like Blue and Anita and kitties like Hemingway rescues but Deb says, "we think they rescued us."

Describe a typical day in your life.
We get up pretty early. My sister, Anita doesn't let me sleep past 6am. She has to go out for her run. Our moms let us out and feed us. Then we go back to bed and snooze for the rest of the morning. I spend the day with my sisters (dog sister Anita and cat sister Hemingway), while my Moms are gone. I love barking at trucks, especially Fed Ex, UPS and the mail carrier. They might be bringing me something.

My favorite past time is hanging out with my people and being petted. If you aren't petting me, I will talk to you or nudge you until you do. I'm so happy when my Moms get home at night and we can spend time together. We take evening walks and play together after dinner. I'm also a great singer. I love to howl, since I have a bit of hound in me.

On weekends I sleep in with Mom Liz while Mom Deb and Anita blog and play fetch. Summer is my favorite time. We spend time in the backyard running and playing around the pool. Mostly I just chill with my people under the deck awning while they drink cocktails.
Blue and Anita sing together!
Does your mommy ever dress you up?
No, but she says that I remind her of a southern gentleman. If she did dress me up, I'm sure I'd wear a bow tie. Accessories make the outfit, you know.

What summer trends have you panting in anticipation?
I'm loving pastels right now. They are kind of preppy. Color blocking is also cool. My new collar, harness and leash are full of bright colors.

What online sites have the best pet gear?
I like amazon.com because they have a little bit of everything. My favorite local place to shop is Dogman Bakery in Arlington, Virginia. I like fashion but not as much as Mom. I'm more of a foodie and they have the best treats.

What designer or store do you wish made dog clothes & accessories?
I definitely think Ralph Lauren would be my store. I can see myself in a blazer and paisley bow tie. My sister, Anita would shop at Balmain. She's wild and is more of a rocker chick. I also love shoes. I have been known to chew a pair or two. Mom almost passed out when I chewed a pair of her Jimmy Choos. I felt a little bad about it but they were delicious.