Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Plunging Print Suits Off the Beach

On fun thing about a sexy one piece is they can double as a bodysuit, making it much easier to wear one all day at the pool or beach and then thrown on some clothes to take you to dinner or cocktails! Can't envision it? Well let me help you!

plunging print swinsuits
Here are three very different looks you can try, all paired with fabulously printed swimsuits!

The first suit I paired with some chic shorts, a cardigan and cute, edgy accessories. Next I paired the suit with a button front dress - just leave the top half open and all suddenly you have a sexy cami underneath! Finally I paired the last suit with a sarong maxi skirt and boho-esque pieces.

All three looks work great for a date at the pool bar, all you need is a mojito to complete the look!