Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sporadic Showers for Memorial Day

This entire week all the way to Monday feels impossible to dress for - hot with sporadic showers every single day! But fear not, I have create the perfect outfit for your long weekend of possible rain!

Rainy long weekend

Come rain or shine you will be chic! My recommendations for "isolated" summer thunderstorms when trying to get your long weekend on include:
  • Find cute, waterproof shoes! Knee high boots will probably leave you sweaty and gross all day, so look for ankle length or below. I have a great pair of rain ballet flats - they don't really protect my feet from getting wet, but once the weather clears up they dry in seconds and I'm comfy again!
  • Wear short bottoms! You may want to wear a cute, summery maxi dress or be inclined to throw on jeans when you hear it may rain, but don't give in! Nothing sucks worse than walking around with a wet hem, so stick to mid calf or above.
  • Bring a large summery tote! A roomy bag, especially if straw, is perfect for the warm weather but will hold a light jacket and umbrella. Because you know what's worse than rain when you want to play outside? Being unprepared for said rain while outside!
What are your plans for Memorial Day? Looks like I'll be going to NYC for a work concert, maybe I can fit in some time to see some of my girls though!