Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Dreaded Outdoor Summer Wedding

The heat is creeping up in DC today! That, along with our epic humidity, makes me want to sit around in a bathing suit 24/7. And yet, some people are still choosing to have outdoor weddings in the coming months! So what to wear when you have to look nice and melt at the same time? I created three ensembles, depending on how formal the affair is to help inspire you!

The Outdoor Wedding
First up if the easiest - a casual, outdoor wedding in the summer heat. With a cute summer top and airy skirt, you easily beat the heat! Add some low wedges and chic woven accessories for a great look!

Next is that semi-formal vague place. I usually err on the side of more formal, even for outdoors! I found a beautiful lace shift dress and paired with a bright clutch and cardigan that looks almost like a boucle blazer. Some gold sandal wedges and chic jewelry complete your look!

I almost didn't include a formal look, but decided you never know! Perhaps a fancy smancy rooftop or evening garden wedding? I actually couldn't believe this gorge cocktail dress was cotton, but it's the truth! Add on a sequined tux blazer, and the fanciest wedge heels I could find and you'll look ready to dance the night away, even if it's 105 degrees!

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Twenty Printed Jeans

While I like floral printed denim as much as the next person, I'm ready to see what else is out there! An boy, oh boy, is there a lot! From cool tribals to animal prints to abstract tie dyes and everything in between, there are a plethora of options out there for you! Here are twenty of the best:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Embroidered Chambray Skirt

I'm already cut off from spending any more at Net-A-Porter, but I can't stop looking at their sale!!! It's the last week, so I'm surprised this beautifully embroidered skirt is still left - especially at the 50% off price of $105! Pair with a coral tank, espadrilles and a soft cardi for a perfect rooftop drinks look.

Cropped Striped Blazer

Love this nautical striped blazer - it feels so fresh and crisp for summer! And everyone needs to invest in at least one light, summer blazer, especially here in sweltering yet conservative DC! Buy at Tory Burch for $375.

Floral Slippers

I really like these Bass slippers because they are reminiscent of the smoking slipper but not quite - making them much more wearable in the foreseeable future! Coming in white and blue floral print, buy at Revolve Clothing for just $60!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Leopard Print Tank

Leopard Print Tank
Because one post about leopard print is just never enough!! The Net-A-Porter sale is in its final week and there's just a ton of great pieces you can get for reasonable prices! Check out this J. Crew tank for just $12!

Grey Leopard Print Shorts

Grey Leopard Print Shorts
Anyone else notice how obsessed everyone suddenly is with leopard print shorts??? Here's a pair on sale at Last Call for just $59!

Pirate Map Sweater

I may die if I don't own this Carven cardigan!! I love its print, reminiscent of pirate maps of yore. Originally $290, it's on sale for a totally reasonable $116 at! Should I get it??

Camo Print Jacket

Really interesting camo print on this Madewell jacket - the brown and black from far away almost has a speckled look to it! Perfect for breezy nights on the beach or a sudden summer show, buy for $128.

Jewelry Trend: Short Chain Necklaces

Without doubt your next purchase just must be a short chain necklace! Luckily for you, I have found a great assortment at different prices, surely one of them will be perfect!!

Style with a crewneck top, cute blazer and some shorts!

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Geek Girl's Guide to Summer Reading

Lots of people are writing up summer reading lists and 99% of the time I think these lists should actually be titles "What I Recommend You Read So I Sound Smart Than You."I thought summer reading was supposed to be light and fun, not some tome about Jane Austen's hobby of collecting rocks.

I decided I needed to recommend some fun, non pretentious books... and realized that I have some ridiculously geeky tastes (big surprise, right?). So I present to you the Geek Girl's Guide to Summer Reading!

Ready Player One
Easily my favorite read of the past year, this book has it all - an engrossing online world in a dystopian future, a race to find Easter Eggs using 80s pop culture clues, love and danger, Will Wheaton... If you were a gamer who grew up in the 80s, you will die over every word in this book!
The Magicians & The Magician King
I liked to describe The Magicians as Harry Potter meets The Sun Also Rises meets The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe. A kid ends up at magic college, and he and his friends drink so much that by the end of the book I didn't think I should be driving or operating heavy machinery. When I heard of the concept I kinda dismissed it as "done," but I am SO glad I went ahead and read it! And the sequel... it's even better.
Divergent & Insurgent
The second book in this series FINALLY came out, hooray! Another dystopian future novel, the remaining bits of humanity have split into five different faction, depending on character traits and values. The main girl comes to find out that she is not suited to just one group, but is "divergent" and would easily fit into more than one. Except if the ruling government found this out it would be a very, very bad thing...

The Uglies Series
Can you ever really have enough dystopian worlds in your life? In the Uglies series people are "equalized" by getting extreme plastic surgery at 16 to make everyone beautiful. The main character, Tally, can barely wait to become beautiful, but then meets some people who think there's another way to live... you know Big Brother isn't happy about that!

The Gone Series
One day: poof. Everyone over 15 is gone and the remaining kids are trapped in a bubble surrounding their town and outlying areas. They need to get themselves together, develop a system for law enforcement, gathering food, taking care of babies... if only people weren't developing strange and dangerous powers! "If Stephen King wrote Lord of the Flies" is how one person described it

That should keep you busy whilst laying poolside or on the hot sand! Did I leave anything out? I did not include The Hunger Games series as I cannot concieve of anyone not already having read them! But since I've already read all of these please let me know what recommendations you may have!

A Versatile Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirt: Three Looks
There's probably more than a few recent grads out there starting their first major job! While that must be tres exciting, it can be a little unsettling to realize you need an entire new office appropriate wardrobe, especially when you're not making the big bucks yet. But with a few key pieces, you can really stretch your closet in new and surprising ways.

Take the classic pencil skirt. Now I try and avoid wearing the same piece to the office more than once a week. But I have created three totally different looks that, when paired with a neutral item like a black pencil skirt, will leave your office mates clueless as to your wardrobe recycling ways!

First up is the fancy, time for a big meeting look! By taking classic shapes (like a blazer or cami) in fun colors and prints, you can look polished without scrimping on your personality.  But don't forget to balance out the fun with some neutral accessories, like chic nude pumps and a ladylike bag.

Next I mentally call my "quirky look." A chambray short looks great with everything, like a bold bib necklace and bucket bag. But toss in some menswear accessories like a pair of oxfords and a newsboy cap and you'll look like Alexa Chung dressed you that morning!

Finally I have my no so casual Friday look. A striped top is another piece that looks good with everything, so have some fun with bold accessories like spiky neon earrings and tall wedges. Toss on a bright baseball cardigan (baseball is so hot right now!) and you'll be sure to impress... especially compared to the ill-fitted jeans and dirty sneaker-wearing employees!

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