Friday, June 22, 2012

The Geek Girl's Guide to Summer Reading

Lots of people are writing up summer reading lists and 99% of the time I think these lists should actually be titles "What I Recommend You Read So I Sound Smart Than You."I thought summer reading was supposed to be light and fun, not some tome about Jane Austen's hobby of collecting rocks.

I decided I needed to recommend some fun, non pretentious books... and realized that I have some ridiculously geeky tastes (big surprise, right?). So I present to you the Geek Girl's Guide to Summer Reading!

Ready Player One
Easily my favorite read of the past year, this book has it all - an engrossing online world in a dystopian future, a race to find Easter Eggs using 80s pop culture clues, love and danger, Will Wheaton... If you were a gamer who grew up in the 80s, you will die over every word in this book!
The Magicians & The Magician King
I liked to describe The Magicians as Harry Potter meets The Sun Also Rises meets The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe. A kid ends up at magic college, and he and his friends drink so much that by the end of the book I didn't think I should be driving or operating heavy machinery. When I heard of the concept I kinda dismissed it as "done," but I am SO glad I went ahead and read it! And the sequel... it's even better.
Divergent & Insurgent
The second book in this series FINALLY came out, hooray! Another dystopian future novel, the remaining bits of humanity have split into five different faction, depending on character traits and values. The main girl comes to find out that she is not suited to just one group, but is "divergent" and would easily fit into more than one. Except if the ruling government found this out it would be a very, very bad thing...

The Uglies Series
Can you ever really have enough dystopian worlds in your life? In the Uglies series people are "equalized" by getting extreme plastic surgery at 16 to make everyone beautiful. The main character, Tally, can barely wait to become beautiful, but then meets some people who think there's another way to live... you know Big Brother isn't happy about that!

The Gone Series
One day: poof. Everyone over 15 is gone and the remaining kids are trapped in a bubble surrounding their town and outlying areas. They need to get themselves together, develop a system for law enforcement, gathering food, taking care of babies... if only people weren't developing strange and dangerous powers! "If Stephen King wrote Lord of the Flies" is how one person described it

That should keep you busy whilst laying poolside or on the hot sand! Did I leave anything out? I did not include The Hunger Games series as I cannot concieve of anyone not already having read them! But since I've already read all of these please let me know what recommendations you may have!