Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Inspiration Board: Executive Lunch

Another challenging event to dress for - lunch with the big boss! Our SVP of Marketing & Comunications is having individual lunches with all the department directors... including me! Now I'm only two levels lower than him and frequently interact with him, so it's not the scariest idea in the world. However, I still want to exude professional confidence!

I should note that the boss spent the majority of his career as a Naval officer, so this isn't a shorts suit type of situation... probably not even the time for my staple: super skinny black pants! He's seen my usual style, but this feels more like a special 'what you would wear to an interview' kind of situation. So I decided to throw together an inspiration board to help me plan my outfit!

Inspiration Board: Exec Lunch
I've decided to go with some straight leg sailor pants as a nod to to his Navy background. Cheeky or suck up... Either way, I like it! Add a boldly bright silky blouse under a tweed blazer with some fun jewelry  -and a watch that screams responsible - and you have a look that says "Give me a raise," ha!