Thursday, July 19, 2012

Comic-Con Day Four Cosplay

One last set of amazing Comic-Con costumes for all of you! Hopefully these pictures will make you smile!

So much Batman! More Harley Quinn, Catwoman, & Poison Ivy. Anyone else traumatized by classic Harley Quinn mixed with new Catwoman? Anyone??
Easiest way to make your Comic-Con costume standout - add a gas mask!
One of my favorites. Spaceballs!!
She's not really anything, but can we appreciate the ginormousness of her chest for a second?
I used to love Mega Man as a kid! I like how his costume is all fabric.
Another motley crew of cosplayers!
I accidentally took a picture of this guy while getting my camera out!
This is easily the most detailed make-up I saw! She's one of the cat nurses from Doctor Who.
More hee!
Not a statue, there is actually a person in the Dalek costume! In fact, this Dalek actually went up to the mic and asked a question during the Doctor Who panel and it made me the happiest ever.
Not sure who the first girl in, then Thor and Loki. Love girls dressed as guys!
A really good Galactus!
Prince Valiant caught me taking his pic and had to throw on a charming smile!
Blurry, but I think we can all figure this one out!
OK, not a costume but a statue of some sort! Still fun!
Old school Captain America!
The new and extra scary versions of Scarecrow, the Jokey and Harley Quinn.
Classic Wolverine!
More Batman!
Was eating dinner on the last day when this frightening person walked by on stilts... eek!