Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Comic-Con Day Two Cosplay Photos

I'm back home and catching up and TONS of things, but here are some more kick ass cosplays for you! I should really go back and try to caption my pictures with who I recognize...

A lot of religious people came trying to save the Comic-Con attendees. It didn't bother me too much - I like to walk around in silly costumes, they like to walk around holding signs. But I still liked her response sign, which says, "Screw these guys, enjoy Comic-Con"
I think he's from an anime? Anyone know?
I love how people in bad ass costumes take pictures of other people in bad ass costumes!
War Machine from Iron Man!
Not so scary... or scarier. Not sure. These girls are My Little Pony cosplayers...
It's Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer!
Dr. Oct seems disturbed by Seymour of Little Shop of Horrors! That movie gave me nightmares as a kid so I can relate!
The Tick!
I didn't see many Slave Leias! This is the only one I got a picture of.
I did see tons of Batman villianesses! Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy here.
Lots of guys in suits of armor with big guns!
Is this a female Thor or a different character?
I believe this guy is from a new show or movie... not sure who though! UPDATE: He's from Prometheus!

More pictures to come, I promise!