Friday, July 20, 2012

Fashion Week v Comic-Con

New York Fashion Week: A must-attend event for anyone whose anyone in fashion. Comic-Con: The largest gathering of geeks in probably the world. I am one of three people I know of who has attended both!

There are some obvious reasons why overlap between these two pop culture events is so minimal, but there are actually some surprising similarities...

Do you want to make female Freddy Kruger mad??
Lines are herded like cattle. Unless you're a VVVIP, you are stuck in lines for the majority of your time at both these events. At Fashion Week you can end up in line for an hour prior to a show, moved to one holding area, then moved to the next then finally let in 15 minutes late. At Comic-Con you pretty much have to show up to the convention center hours before a big panel, before again moved from holding area to holding area. On the plus side, you make new friends in line!
Just what I always wanted.
Crappy free stuff is thrown at you. Like you're a topless Pamela Anderson at Mardi Gras 15 years ago. Don't get me wrong, I've managed to get some amazing free things at both events, but the majority of items include sketchy beauty samples, awful indie comic books, product promoting tees, and other cheap swag you'd never hold onto if it wasn't free. You practically need a second suitcase at the end of both!
Who took more time getting ready that morning?
People stand around waiting for their picture to be taken. Whether it's next season's must have style or movie-worthy cosplay, people put effort into how they look and, dammit, people need to notice that! 

I honestly don't know which one I have more fun at, but, for a person like me, they are both amazing events that I can look forward to every year!