Monday, July 30, 2012

Otakon 2012

Otakon is a anime convention near me in Baltimore and I decided somewhat last minute to drive up with my sister and have some fun! I got some cool stuff: a pith helmut, some Indian flats and tutu-esque skirt, perhaps you will see them all at fashion week?

I, of course, ran around taking pictures of people, but anime is much more obscure than regular super heroes and whatnot, so I pretty much have no idea who anyone is! Let me know if you do, but either way enjoy these fun cosplays!

This girl was like, this is my Sunday slack cosplay... I still thought she looked good!
These guys were such an adorable couple!
I love me some giant props!
There's a surprising amount of weird goth ravers at anime conventions... can anyone explain to me why?
Deadpool is a very popular costume to get silly in!
There were some Assassins Creed cosplayers around.
It's Rikku and Lulu from Final Fantasy X. Rikku is going to be my next cosplay!!
Not sure who these guys are, but you know I love me big weapons!!
Anyone know who this is?
More big weapons!!
Do I have violent tendencies or something? Probably..
One booth had a stripper pole but only the booth babes were allowed on it - boo! Also, a bit cheesy and obvious, but it seemed to work, so more power to them.
Another of the stripper pole babes.
This girl with a tv for a head freaked me out.
A pretty impressive homemade cosplay!
This lady is from Pokemon!
It's Loki with that blasted cube thing.
My sister got herself a fab new hat.
This guy was sitting on the steps with his eyes closed and his sign says "A sleeping Pokemon blacks the path" cute!
From that new video game where the cheerleader runs around killing zombies.
Anyone know who these guys are?
Best. Giant. Sword. Ever. It's Cloud from Final Fantasy.. I've never seen a girl cosplay this and now I want to too!
This was a pretty good Black Cat!
Not sure who he is but I liked his armor. Oh it's from Legend of Zelda - looky he has a triforce on his shield!
Bioshock!! Pretty impressive.
I saw a few of these costumes, but this was the best with the bubbles and stuff.
Darth Maul and Darth Sidius were really impressive and then these random storm troopers jumped into the shot too - I think everyone loves to run into others dressed in matching cosplays!
Speaking of... I was Fay Valentine again and ran into another Spike and Ed!! For the love, will someone find me a Jet cosplayer so the set can be complete??