Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Inspiration Board: Drop Waist Dresses

Drop waist dresses are continuing to make a resurgence on the runways - definitely consider buying one now! However, the silhouette is much tricker than you'd think! Here are some tips that will help you flatter your shape.

Inspiration Board: Drop Waist Dresses
Unless you have a willowy, model-esque body type, I recommend avoiding straight up and down shift dresses with a drop waist. While certainly very flappery, the lack of definition can hide your shape to the point that you look a bit like a blob!

Know if you have a long or short torso. A drop waist lengthens your torso a bit, but you can choose how much depending on where the "waist" falls. I like it between my natural waist and hips. A very quick and easy way to tell if you have a short waist is to stand up straight, and see if you can fit two hand widths under your bust to your waist (narrowest point). If you can fit more than two hand widths you have a long waist, less than two, a short waist.

Also watch your hemlines carefully! A drop waist shortens your legs, so a shorter hemline is usually the most flattering and easiest to pull off, followed by a maxi length. Mid calf is definitely for the pros!! I say look for something maybe an inch or two above the knees.

Finally, following in the shortened legs vein, choose your footwear carefully! Black booties cut off your legs, pair with black tights if you go that route! But the easiest and most flattering footwear would be a pair of nude pumps that match your skin tone.

Will you rock a drop waist this season?