Friday, September 07, 2012

My Style Challenge: IFBCon Day One

I'm back from NYC after attending the ever wonderful IFB Conference, and I'm already being smothered in emails! Whew, good thing I'm skipping the shows this season - I think my day job would have a heart attack and implode if I was gone any longer! But I digress... IFBCon is a great excuse to get dressed up and look cute and check out other fashion blogger style! Now I wanted to stand out in a sea of Jeffrey Campbell Litas and ironic glasses, so went for a bit of a fashion retro look on the first day - Carrie Bradshaw!

One should never underestimate the fabulosity of a frothy tutu! This skirt is a bit much for DC, but in NYC no one looked at me twice! I'm wearing: Skirt from anime convention Otakon, Madewell chambray tank, Elizabeth & James jacket, shoes courtesy of Payless, Foley & Corinna city tote, Marc Jacobs belt. Jewelry includes: P.A.M. vampire necklace,  Juicy Couture bracelet from last IFBCon, Wendy Brandes Vampire Diana ring.
I suddenly got over the whole concept of arm parties. Other fashion trends I'm now meh on include mixing prints, neon, and anything feathers! Bring on freshness - brocade and animal sweaters for the win!
More picture of IFBCon coming soon, I promise!!