Tuesday, September 04, 2012

My Style Challenge: Parisian Chic

Sometimes I feel like style lately has been all more is more! Which is fine, but ever so often I need a Parisian chic break - feminine and clean!

Proof that you don't need to layer item after item on to look fashionable! Sometimes all you need are the right pieces put together thoughtfully! I'm wearing: Susana Monaco top, pink skirt bought in Japanese department store, shoes courtesy of Payless, beret from Barney's, blue clutch from a fashion show giftbag, Michael Michael Kors sunnies. Jewelry is just a Juicy Couture chain bracelet from IFBCon, small hoops and a set of stacked rings!
Blue and pink, together at last!
I LURVE my new MK sunnies!! Hopefully they'll look good on me after I go red as they do with my blonde! That's right, my fall hair is going to be red - I can't wait!