Friday, September 28, 2012

My Style Challenge: Real Curves (And Leg) at La Passione di Milano

I was tres excited to attend the DC Goodwill's 2012 runway show and gala, La Passione di Milano! Except I didn't really know what to wear... luckily my brain recalled a fabu red dress with zexy slit I purchased a few months back on a whim! Hello, Jessica Rabbit!

I admit I was a little insecure wearing this dress at first, if I slouch I get some gut going on... but all the more reason to stand up tall, yes?? I'm wearing: ASOS dress & jacket, DV by Dolce Vita sandals, vintage Chanel purse from Portero, necklace from Nicole Miller, stacking rings from Banana Republic & Tina Tang, pearl bangle and earrings from my mom.
Have we noticed my new hair?? Yes I've gone red for the fall! And I did my makeup myself, I was pretty pleased with my results!
I may not have Angelina Jolie thigh, but I have real curves and a smile!!

The event itself was spectacular, with living statues, a pop-up shop curated with some of the best Goodwill finds (I scored a military-esque H&M jacket for $7!), delicious foodstuff and lots of fellow DC fashion bloggettes, including Brea of What I Wore: Tip to Toe, Whitney Stringer and Morgan Fykes. The show was great, with a live opera singer and some seriously amazing Goodwill finds that I wish I could have gotten my hands on!
Pretty wedding dress!
The opera singer was amazing! She sang the Diva song from the Fifth Element!! Did you all know I used to be an opera singer? aaAAaaAAaaAAA!
This coat... I want it!!

Goodwill is an amazing organization that provides job opportunities for people with disabilities and disadvantages. It really raises people up and makes a difference and I'm proud to be a supporter!