Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Silver Moto Jacket

This crackled silver jacket has such a great texture and look! I love how it's styled here - very bad ass monotone! Buy before it sells out at Nasty Gal for $150.

Asymmetrical Cluster Ring

I adore clustered pieces, like this amazing ring! Truly stand out, it's something you'd have for years and years and possibly give to a daughter one day! Which may take the sting out of the price - $170 at DANNIJO.

Shredded Tights

These open weave style fishnets are just so striking!! I'd pair with a girly dress and tough boots for a grunge-tastic look! Buy at Revolve Clothing for $25.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wearing Eggplant Skinnies

My good friend, Brandy, recently purchased a pair of eggplant skinny jeans and now needs ideas on how to style them! Well, Brandy, this post is for you!!

Eggplant Skinnies

My first look is a perfect casual weekend outfit, with a slouchy animal sweater, knit beanie and chelsea boots! Great for running errands, getting some hot coco, and going to the park!

Next is a fun office to happy hour look! A basic tee gets dressed up with a smart navy blazer and heels - just as easy as the first look yet polished and chic!

Finally, don't be afraid to rock some color! Pink goes amazing with eggplant, as we can all see here. Add some tall boots and a sparkly cardigan and you're pretty much ready for anything!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halfway There

Total Eclipse of the Heart has been my anthem
It occurs to me that it's been about three months since my marriage went from implosion to official separation. Which means I'm about halfway to Divorce Day.

There is nothing more frustrating than being stuck in limbo like this. I've made a lot of progress in moving on, though I of course still have lots of lonely going on. I haven't lived by myself in more than seven years, and I've definitely found myself with many more hours to kill. But I digress... I've been moving on, feeling less sad, getting out with friends, making new ones and hobbying it up like a mofo.

But I'm still unable to fully carry on with my life yet. I'm trapped in this place where it feels like I'm expected to cry into my pillow every night, not explore what's next for me. Am I trying to move on too quickly? Perhaps. But when you feel caged like this, I suppose the natural instinct is to try and break out.

So I have three more months before I'm officially allowed to just be and feel like a normal girl again. I don't even know how to possibly make it that long, but I guess all I can do is keep moving forward.

Friday, October 26, 2012

My Style Challenge: Extra Layered

Layering is something I'm still not very good at. But it's important that I keep working at my own personal style, that's why all my outfit posts are called style challenges! So I sucked it up and tried new clothing combinations one morning (making myself quite late to work :O ) and ended up here:

Not bad, not bad, I have three pieces on top! I consider this out wearable layered, though I certainly felt the heat later in the day! I'm wearing: Rag & Bone chambrey shirt, ESPIRIT sweater from a high school vacation to Italy, blazer from Urban Outfitters, J Brand pants, Zara heels, Jessica Simpson hat from Nordstorm Rack, C. Wonder chain necklace and Wendy Brandes Vampire Diana ring.
Maybe I should rename my style challenge to Vyque Wears Jaunty Hats. I wish people wore hats lots like back during the turn of the century!! They add that extra dash of panache to a look!

Animal Ear Pumps

These calf hair slipper pumps are just to die so, don't you think?? I adore the leopard print and the curve of the heel, but the real stand out has got to be the subtle - yet stand out - animal ears on the vamp! Buy at Anthropologie for (sigh) $498.

Leather & Denim Jeans

No secret that I looooove leather! These Rag & Bone jeans have a unique take, mixing traditional denim on top and the back with a leather front! Best of all they're 50% off - buy at Intermix for $299.

Red Rosette Coat

Wow, this coat is supremely stand out- perfect to wear over a cocktail frock on your way to a holiday soiree this season! Buy at ModCloth for $178.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lace Print Blouse

I really like this lace print!! Wear with a great pencil skirt or perhaps some denim cut offs and tights? Buy at Romwe for an affordable $46.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Inspiration Board: Dress Over Pants

Wearing dresses and skirts over pants is happening, people, no matter how hard you fight it! I was actually sold on it awhile back when Man Repeller first blogged about the trend, and then double sold when Emma Watson recently rocked the look! I've decided to test the waters, so of course had to first create an inspiration board to help me style myself appropriately!

Inspiration Board: Dress Over Pants

I think I've cracked the nut on what rules make this trend actually wearable in real life!
  • Don't wear leggings, but do wear tailored, skinny pants.
  • Wear a short, flared skirt or dress. 
  • Use solids to create a cool, color blocked look!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Style Challenge: Fall Hipster

Uh oh, I've been slacking with outfit posts! Cold weather tends to kill my desire to look cute - I better start stepping it up again! Here's what I wore yesterday, very hipster with my bowler hat, no?

I'm wearing: Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, Foley + Corinna bag, Banana Republic camel coat, Colin Stewart heels, bowler hat from Japan.
Don't you just love it when the leaves change colors? How can you not be inspired to rock some jewel-toned plaid?? I adore this dress, which is one of my first big fashion purchases ever!
I love to change things up! I just got some new green circle contacts from Eye Candy Lens, you like??

Cable Knit Sweater

I've decided everyone (i.e. me) needs maybe two or three cable knit sweaters in fun colors to layer in fall in winter! Do we really need to look further than J.Crew, whose classic sweater comes in tons of color options and is a reasonable $88?

Oxblood Cowl Back Dress

This dress is understated and supremely sexy! Love the rich color, the serious back going on, and the elbow slits! Buy at Oak for $125.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Finding a New Happy Place

Another happy place for me!
Prior to my relationship with Mr. Ex, I didn't really have many long term couplings - maybe two or three that lasted more than a year? So I was a little surprised to discover that, once I got over specifically missing him, I still felt tres sad and lonely. Because, after seven years of being a we, being a me just doesn't feel normal anymore.

I feel so un-feminist to say that. But, especially as all your close friends have paired off, it's hard knowing there isn't one person in the world who's number one priority in life is to care about you. For some many years, when I started to get stressed or anxious I would think of Mr. Ex, know no matter what he would help make things better, and calm myself down. I suppose he was my happy place.

Now when I start to get fussy my brain automatically goes to Mr. Ex, which only makes me fussier, ahahah. So I try to go to a new happy place. And it's hard to really find one!

If you're going through a similar situation, I can only recommend you delve into your passions and works towards new goals. Besides blogging, I spend almost all my free time now in aerial dance classes! Not only am I in pretty good shape, but I can focus on doing something I love when I'm in a crappy mood!!

What's your happy place?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Ten Over the Knee Boots

Over the knee boots have moved from fashion trend to fashion staple for fall and winter! A chic way to stay warm and still look zexy, here are ten great options for you!!

Target | Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection

So pictures are coming out of the Target | Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection are coming out and I'm tres excited!

Lela Rose dress & top
There are more than 50 limited edition pieces to be available, most for less than $100.
Oscar de la Renta pet accessories & tote bag
Everything will be available December 1, online and in stores. I can't wait! I wonder if we'll crash the web again, ladies ;)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Embroidered Leaves Blazer

Embroidered Leaves Blazer
Oh my goodness, aren't the shoulders on this blazer just divine? I adore these embroidered gold leaves, kinda military, kinda boho, kinda awesome! Best of all, it's a reasonable $89 at Urban Outfitters.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Get My Proud Fan Tee

I don't often post about my day job activities here, and I especially don't often ask for people to take action, but today is special! I am running my own special t-shirt campaign!! From now until Friday you can get a special Vyque-created t-shirt with a $25 donation to the USO! Let's show the execs that you can raise money through social media by helping me reach my goal; I'm less than 200 tees away!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Felt Western Hat

If you know me, you know I'm loving winter western style hats!!! This one has great silver buckle embellishments... wait, is that a pot leaf?? Oh my.. Buy at Pixie Market for $88 and wear at 4:20!

Flannel Maxi Skirt

Yes, I am seriously loving on flannel right now - I think 90s grunge is about to make an epically huge comeback! This maxi skirt is a fun twist - buy at Free People for $218.

Leather Trim Shirt

Unexpected leather is the best! The trim details on this Boy by Band of Outsiders shirt are great - I especially love the collar! Buy at La Garconne for $360.

Metallic Dolman Sleeve Sweater

It's officially sweater weather!! Transition your wardrobe into warmer pieces with this chic dolman sleeve sweater in a great gold silver (gilver!) color. Buy at for the sale price of $60.

Monday, October 15, 2012

A Punch On the Arm

Call me... maybe?
I feel like that time is closing in, where I'll actually be ready to start dating again! But, after seven years,  I don't think I even know how to tell if I guy likes me anymore.

I blame the He's Just Not That Into You episode of "Sex and the City." Prior to that women were comfortable in assuming the guy was, well, into you. But once that mania hit, I know that I suddenly began to second guess every signal. After all, if you invite a guy over in the evening and he passes, doesn't that mean he's just not that into you? On the other hand, if he shows up are you just a booty call to him?

How much is too much time together? I figure a guy who likes you will always want to see you, but a guy friend of mine says that sounds like the beginning of a terribly codependant relationship doomed to fail. Do people hold themselves back to keep a relationship healthy... to be frank, that's never occurred to me! I've always been the type to go "When can I see you next?" if I like a person. And don't get me started on The Rules! Do guys play hard to get??

Remember when things were easy and if a boy ran up and hit you and ran away he was yours? Or you got a scribbled note asking if you would be his girlfriend? When did relationships get so complicated... why when everyone has accumulated so much baggage that the idea of being straightforward and vulnerable makes you puke, of course!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Butters Skin Tee

Ha, I love Butters! Buy this unisex tee at Marc Jacobs for $35 - All proceeds from the sale of this t-shirt will be donated to NYU Skin Cancer Institute.

Metallic Purple Leopard Skirt

YES, I have just found the ultimate party skirt!! It's super shiny and short, and in a great colored leopard print to boot! Buy at French Connection for $198.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Arrow Print Tuxedo Pants

Feels like people are still very into printed pants, and this pair by Rag& Bone have the extra bonus of a tux stripe! Buy for the sale price of $129 exclusively at Intermix.