Monday, October 15, 2012

A Punch On the Arm

Call me... maybe?
I feel like that time is closing in, where I'll actually be ready to start dating again! But, after seven years,  I don't think I even know how to tell if I guy likes me anymore.

I blame the He's Just Not That Into You episode of "Sex and the City." Prior to that women were comfortable in assuming the guy was, well, into you. But once that mania hit, I know that I suddenly began to second guess every signal. After all, if you invite a guy over in the evening and he passes, doesn't that mean he's just not that into you? On the other hand, if he shows up are you just a booty call to him?

How much is too much time together? I figure a guy who likes you will always want to see you, but a guy friend of mine says that sounds like the beginning of a terribly codependant relationship doomed to fail. Do people hold themselves back to keep a relationship healthy... to be frank, that's never occurred to me! I've always been the type to go "When can I see you next?" if I like a person. And don't get me started on The Rules! Do guys play hard to get??

Remember when things were easy and if a boy ran up and hit you and ran away he was yours? Or you got a scribbled note asking if you would be his girlfriend? When did relationships get so complicated... why when everyone has accumulated so much baggage that the idea of being straightforward and vulnerable makes you puke, of course!