Monday, October 22, 2012

Finding a New Happy Place

Another happy place for me!
Prior to my relationship with Mr. Ex, I didn't really have many long term couplings - maybe two or three that lasted more than a year? So I was a little surprised to discover that, once I got over specifically missing him, I still felt tres sad and lonely. Because, after seven years of being a we, being a me just doesn't feel normal anymore.

I feel so un-feminist to say that. But, especially as all your close friends have paired off, it's hard knowing there isn't one person in the world who's number one priority in life is to care about you. For some many years, when I started to get stressed or anxious I would think of Mr. Ex, know no matter what he would help make things better, and calm myself down. I suppose he was my happy place.

Now when I start to get fussy my brain automatically goes to Mr. Ex, which only makes me fussier, ahahah. So I try to go to a new happy place. And it's hard to really find one!

If you're going through a similar situation, I can only recommend you delve into your passions and works towards new goals. Besides blogging, I spend almost all my free time now in aerial dance classes! Not only am I in pretty good shape, but I can focus on doing something I love when I'm in a crappy mood!!

What's your happy place?