Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Hates To Laugh

So I got slightly tipsy recently and decided it would be a fantabulush idea to set up a Match.com profile! After all, a good friend of mine recently got engaged to a girl he met on the dating site after his divorce, why not me too??

Wow, I suddenly understand why people will pay to have their profiles written for them! Seriously, how in the world do you find a way to entice your type, be unique and keep away the creepers?

After browsing, I must say if you state that you "love to laugh" and "hate drama" on your profile I will punch you.

I feel like I'm relatively "good on paper." I have a career in an interesting field with a good income, own a house, am not-hideous dancer and enjoy lots of boy things like video games! Just don't tell anyone about my extreme craziness, compulsive shopping and abuse of exclamation points!

I decided to fill out my profile emphasizing my geek girl-ness, figuring that would make me stand out from the thousands of other women also on this bloody site... Probably not my best idea. No offense to geek culture, but the majority of guys who I drew in weren't exactly my type. And some were certainly persistent, with multiple emails within the course of twenty four hours!

And what exactly happens if you hit the "Not interested" button when someone messages you? I feel like that's even worse than ignoring someone!!

Either way, I deactivated my profile after a mere day and a half. I had multiple reasons for doing so, but I wouldn't say no to reactivating my profile in a few months - preferably with some sort of strategy in mind. After all, I have to get married and have children before I'm 37, ahaha!!!