Friday, October 26, 2012

My Style Challenge: Extra Layered

Layering is something I'm still not very good at. But it's important that I keep working at my own personal style, that's why all my outfit posts are called style challenges! So I sucked it up and tried new clothing combinations one morning (making myself quite late to work :O ) and ended up here:

Not bad, not bad, I have three pieces on top! I consider this out wearable layered, though I certainly felt the heat later in the day! I'm wearing: Rag & Bone chambrey shirt, ESPIRIT sweater from a high school vacation to Italy, blazer from Urban Outfitters, J Brand pants, Zara heels, Jessica Simpson hat from Nordstorm Rack, C. Wonder chain necklace and Wendy Brandes Vampire Diana ring.
Maybe I should rename my style challenge to Vyque Wears Jaunty Hats. I wish people wore hats lots like back during the turn of the century!! They add that extra dash of panache to a look!