Monday, November 05, 2012

The Accidate

I Googled "surprise kiss"
It was a bit of a surprise and I felt very unprepared. One minute I'm thinking, "Good thing I know better, otherwise I'd think this guy really liked me" and the next minute I'm having my first first kiss in seven years!

Let me start from the beginning. I had a friend of a friend, more of an acquaintance really, who showed up randomly at an event I threw a few months ago. I was pleasantly surprised and decided he and I should become good friends as he's always smiling and seems up for anything. And I certainly needed happy people in my life to keep me occupied! Pretty soon we were hanging out with his friends (hooray more new friends for me!) on a weekly basis. Let's call him First Kiss.

Around then the friend of mine who first introduced us told me an interesting story about how First Kiss was just the type of guy who would make and have close female friends. He never seemed to date much at all... So even though First Kiss and I were spending lots of time together and texting even more, I didn't think anything of it.

Until I was absolutely and completely wrong. We had taken to hanging out at his place, and had started to sit closer and closer... but I still assumed nothing of it! But then something suddenly didn't feel normal ,and my only thought was "Wait a sec-" and then smoochy town!

So I guess I'm now accidentally dating - accidating! I suppose this is where things start to get interesting..