Wednesday, December 19, 2012

First Kiss: A Profile

He also has a heart for a head!
So I've had a lot of people ask me to tell you all a little more about First Kiss, the guy I've been dating. It's hard to balance blogging about my life and protecting his privacy, but I do want to share more about him! So here are a few random details about the new guy in my life...

He cooks for me. Not only is he a good cook, but he makes these full, multiple course meals that are healthy and balanced. On my own I tend to eat two servings of an entree for dinner, but with him we eat salad and a random side and an entree. And sometimes we eat parsley straight (not as a garnish), which I still think is odd but hey, when in Rome!

He plays soccer often, likes to stay active and has those awesome hip lines I've recently learned are called an Adonis belt.

He loves old, classic movies. We watch lots of film noir and black and white movies; I finally watched Casablanca with him! He especially loves Hitchcock and Orson Welles. I love old Hollywood and it's nice to see some of the amazing cinematography and dialogue that these films highlight.

He's very positive and makes me laugh. I love it when people make the best of almost any situation they find themselves in.

He travels all over the world, including Rome, Paris, Costa Rica, China, Panama, and more! I'm hoping we take a trip somewhere next year.

He loves the arts. We go to the opera together, and talk about art and literature, and he actually knows more about classical music than me! As someone who has a background in music, it's almost embarrassing.

Writing this out, I must say he does sound a little like a gay straight man, ha! I like to think of him more as a Renaissance Man... a pretty far departure from my usual geek guy tendencies, don't you think?

Things have gone from good to great lately, which is awesome and a little scary! I have to let my guard down, which is hard - sometimes I practice him breaking up with me in my head just to be prepared... I have issues! But overall he's been nothing but awesome to me and definitely makes me happy!