Monday, December 10, 2012

Shopping for the Self Absorbed Blogger

Funny how so many bloggers publish blogger wishlists during the holidays. Do they assume everyone who reads their site is another blogger? To make fun, or possibly snag a few awesome gifts, here's the ultimate shopping guide for the self-absorbed blogger!
  • Self Portrait Gear. A dual view camera, a tripod and remote kit, a webcam, or a camera arm extender (hee hee hee) - there is an option for every budget!
  • Make-Up. Hello, we have to be ready for our close up! Make-up gift sets are great, bonus points if it comes with at least one mirror.
  • Card Case. So we can whip out our business cards (from Moo of course) with style!
  • Gadget Accessories. So important to be live tweeting with an ironic iPhone case or tablet attachable keyboard! And every A-list blogger needs a chain camera strap!
  • Nerd Glasses. She (or he) may not need them, but functionality be damned, they look cute!
Wait, did I just rewrite my Shopping for the Hipster Guide??