Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Los Angeles Vacation

Last week I was in California and spent a few days in LA! Probably one of the best parts of LA was visiting the Getty Museum!

They had beautiful outdoor gardens!
I couldn't take pictures of the famous art work like Van Gosh's Irises, but  could take some snaps of the amazing furniture and decor. Could you imagine this being your office?
I love screens like this! I must have one in my future boudoir!
I could take pictures of some of the other artwork in the museum. Here is the Banquet of Cleopatra!
This could almost be a street style pic, don't you think? This woman is fabulous!
Also on the agenda was typical tourist things like the Chinese Theatre! Love how John Wayne didn't leave hand prints.. he left a fist print!! Boom!
I also got to walk around Rodeo Drive! Ooo, you fancy, huh? Strangely, there was a bebe and a Guess right on the main street... for the Kardashians?

I had such a blast on my trip... now it's time to fly to NYC for a day :O