Monday, February 11, 2013

Fashion Dog: Brutus of Fasshonaburu

I haven't highlighted a fashion blogger dog in awhile, not even the new addition to my family: Brutus!

This is the picture that made momma fall in love with me!
A teeny white chihuahua, he was dropped off at a shelter last year in West Virginia before given to a nearby rescue organization. I tried to adopt him and was turned down and was super sad... until they said the first adoption fell through and I was next in line out of 800+ inquires! So exciting! We estimate that he's around two years old and is super playful and loving... though a touch on the naughty side! Cardboard beware, Brutus is coming to chew on you!
I love my big sister, Kyoko!
Describe a typical day in your life.
First I pounce on my mommy's head over and over until she wakes up and lets me and Kyoko out! Then she goes to work and I follow Kyoko where ever she goes so I can snuggle her. Not sure why she keeps sighing heavily and moving! Maybe I should try and snuggle her more?? The I find something I'm not supposed to chew on, like DVD boxes or an envelope mommy left on the coffee table. Nom nom nom.

Then mommy comes home and I'm sooooo happy! I bouncey all over and wiggle into her lap and she tries to pet me, but I'm so excited that I can't sit still! We all play fetch and settle in to cuddle for the rest of the night. Finally it's bed time for mommy, which means Kyoko and I wrestle on top of her so she can't sleep! Mommy calls us "Furry Earthquakes!" Then I finally cuddle up with my pack and pass out.

Do you ever get dressed up?
I came with a very manly sweater - green with a skull on it! I don't often wear it, but when it gets super cold out mommy puts it on me so I can stay warm.

If you could pick one designer to make dog gear, who would it be?
Marc Jacobs should do a line called Bark Jacobs! His quirky and fresh style would be perfect for the manly yet metrosexual pup.
You just want to grab my tongue!
Where do you shop for pet stuff? has a great pets category with lots of cool things for dogs, cats and even humans!

What fashion trend is so ugly you want to piddle all over it?
I'm sick of collar necklaces! They went from fashion blogger chic to fashion blogger everywhere to just plain everywhere! Time for something new!

Do you know a fashion dog that should be featured next? Let me know!