Monday, February 04, 2013

Generation Know: Behind the Scenes

Last week I had such an amazing opportunity! Myself, along with eleven other bloggers, got together for Generation Know to discuss women's health, body issues, taboo topics and empowerment! Hail to the V!
A blurry but fun shot of all of us!
We spent the day with two Kotex ambassadors, Dr. Vanessa Schick and Kat Lazo, talking about why women all try to fit into this preconceived notion of "perfect," and how women's health topics - especially our periods! - are still taboo.

The bloggers were: Liz from So Much to Smile About, Melanie from O So Chic, Channing from Channing in the City, Erin from Girl Gone Veggie, Natalie from Fashionably Broke, Lara from Pretty Connected, Janique from Her Goody Bag, Danielle from The Style and Beauty Doctor, Clare from Fitting It All In, Sherrell from Organic Beauty Vixen, and Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point!

I admit, at first I was a little shy and uncomfortable, but it felt really empowering to open up and discuss things like first period stories, myths we still believed, funny nicknames (my period shall now be known as "shark week") and how we're all women who should be celebrating our health!
The morning roundtable shoot.
What was funny was that I totally forget there were men - the film crew - in the room! It was girl talk all day, and in the end, I felt excited to "be the change I want to see in the world." It's time to educate and make sure young girls are comfortable with themselves, have great role models (mine is Mindy Kaling!) and want to become healthy women, not reality TV stars.

U by Kotex Brand is committed to empowering girls to change the way the world thinks about periods and vaginas through Generation Know, the first generation of girls comfortable asking questions, gaining real knowledge and spreading information about their health and bodies to others. To get the facts, learn how to make a difference and get a free Generation Know bracelet to symbolize your commitment, visit For every girl that joins, U by Kotex brand will donate to Girls For A Change to continue to create change.

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