Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mederma for the Heart

As you probably know, I've been dating someone for 4-5 months now. But lately I've been feeling insecure - does he really care about me or am I just convenient to date?

I suppose this concern has been growing for awhile now. We've always been a bit light and with the excitement of a new relationship is gone, what's left doesn't feel very special.

Or perhaps being suddenly left by my partner of seven years without a hint of understanding has left me scarred and prone to self-doubt when it comes to relationships.

I hate not being able to trust my instincts anymore. I'm unsure, easy to upset and jump to the worst conclusion possible. I find myself overreacting and having to stop and take a step back before saying anything. I've luckily managed to mostly contain my crazy... for now!

I've always had trouble communicating due to my unsureness over my own feelings and now its a million times worse! Should I just start blurting things out and hope for the best?

Blargh, Happy Valentine's Day everyone!