Monday, March 04, 2013

Ripping the Band Aid Off

I had such a good talk with First Kiss last Friday! As we know, I had been feeling insecure and unsure of what I meant to him. Of course, part of me knew I was just being needy.

You see, one of the most traumatic aspects of being left by Mr. Ex was that I didn't see it coming at all. And I suppose that, in response, I am now overanalyzing every little thing to make sure I am always prepared. I told First Kiss as much and he was super supportive and understanding. He even told me I should let my crazy out more!

I know we're not there, but I can actually see myself falling in love with First Kiss. It's actually an unnerving concept - to be in love with someone new after expecting to spend the rest of my life with someone else. But there was a reason I let this relationship happen so soon after the separation. My plan was to simply take time for myself and play it smart, but something told me I shouldn't miss out on this. I'm glad I jumped in and took a risk! Now I just need to remember that it's all for nothing if I don't keep my heart open and risk getting hurt.