Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Turkey - Istanbul

Finally we flew into Istanbul to stay with the beau's parents for a week! Of course, we still had lots and lots to see...

I loved Hagia Sophia (seen above) and the Blue Mosque! Hagia Sophia was originally an Orthodox cathedral before turning into a mosque and is now a museum. It had a huge dome and beautiful ceilings and mosaics and columns.
And, what would a trip to Turkey be without stopping by the Grand Bazaar? Alas, I was with men so I didn't get to go crazy shopping-wise, but my wallet couldn't really take it anyway! I did see lots of amazing jewelry - they have a huge gold and silver market! We stopped at a famous hookah place, of course! I don't advocate smoking, but I must say I look pretty darn cool in the picture above!
Mosaic lamps were a big thing in the bazaar as well... check these out! I wish I could have bought one, but getting something fragile like that home seemed like too much of a terror.
We also went to a lot of palaces! Topkapi Palace is older and full of ancient religious relics, including Moses' wood staff (fer real!) and bits of Mohammad's beard. Wish I could have taken pictures!!! Küçüksu Palace (its courtyard fountain seen above) was more European and modern, but still very cool and full of beautiful furniture I wanted to steal, ahahah.
One of the more exciting and random things I got to do in Turkey was attend a wedding! We went last minute, good thing I had bought this cotton maxi dress from Target the day I left!! Especially since it turned out to be formal (my beau of course didn't remember the dress code). So cool to experience a wedding in a different culture!
Overall, my trip was truly amazing, a once in a lifetime experience I hope to repeat again soon!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Packing For... Nashville

You heard me, I got back from Turkey less than a week ago and I'm already en route to Nashville for a week for work! So of course I needed to pull together a quick little inspiration board before I packed!

Packing for Nashville

Turkey - Izmir

After Cappadocia, we hopped a plane to the Aegean Coast, to the port city of Izmir.We only had a morning to run around the city before going an hour or so south to the town of Selcuk, where we'd be spending a few nights, so off we went!

We went to the Agora, the ancient remains of the Roman city of Smyrna.They're still in the process of excavating, but they were all these amazing columns and tombstones and fountains and statues and everything!
We then went to the bazaar, not as big as the official Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, but really amazing and a great taste of shopping in Turkey. So easy to pick up your cow's head!
Then we were off to Selcuk, which is right next to another ancient Roman city - Ephesus! As you can see, I had lots of fun running around the ruins. I'm Samson... if I could reach, haha. We also stopped by what's believed to be the last home of the Virgin Mary and the nearby village of Sirince, which is famous for its wine. There my boyfriend bought me a flower crown, yay!
The next day we went around to more ancient ruins! Old stuff is everywhere! We saw one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Temple of Artemis - um, it's a pond with a few columns now. We also stopped by the Temple of Athena and the Temple of Apollo (seen above). So pretty!
Yay, drinking wine at the ruins!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Generation Know: Truth, Empowerment and Myths

You may recall I got a chance to meet up with some fellow bloggers and discuss a tres taboo subject - our periods. Generation Know reaching out to young girls and showing them that being a healthy woman is empowering, not embarrassing. So I'm proud to get to show you the final products!
 Does watching these videos make you feel a bit uncomfortable? If so, you should ask yourself why! Ack, so weird seeing myself on camera, hahah. I'm simultaneously proud and embarrassed, but I stand by what I said - "Be the change you want to see in the world."  Do you feel inspired to join the movement? I would love to see the day when our periods are celebrated, not hushed up!

U by Kotex Brand is committed to empowering girls to change the way the world thinks about periods and vaginas through Generation Know, the first generation of girls comfortable asking questions, gaining real knowledge and spreading information about their health and bodies to others. To get the facts, learn how to make a difference and get a free Generation Know bracelet to symbolize your commitment, visit www.GenerationKnow.com. For every girl that joins, U by Kotex brand will donate to Girls For A Change to continue to create change.
Disclosure: Compensation was provided by U by Kotex® via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of U by Kotex®.

Turkey - Cappadocia

So many pictures to go through from my trip to Turkey! The first few days we spent in Göreme, a small town in the central area of Cappadocia. A beautiful region full of cool rock formations, underground cities, and caves turned into homes and churches, the landscape actually inspired the set of Star Wars!

But my favorite place was Ihlara valley!! I think maybe the most beautiful place in the world, think lush, mossy grass, a babbling stream, foreign looking trees, wild goats and ducklings... I kept calling the place Narnia, hahah.
So beautiful!
We also checked out Selime Monastery which was built into the walls of a cliff! I was exhausted from climbing, let me tell you! The monastery dates back to the 13th century and was essentially carved out caves - amazing how people used what they had to make beautiful things!
I also got to cross off something from my bucket list - a ride in a balloon!!
The region is perfect for ballooning, as you can see by all the ones up in the air!
I cannot possibly recommend visiting Cappadocia more if you go to Turkey, it's an extremely special place!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thirteen Winged Purses

The Celine bag has brought the winged purse into the limelight!! I think also known as a trapeze purse, I have found thirteen options at various price points... well, most are pretty pricey but there are some that are reasonable!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

My Style Challenge: Imitation is Flattery

Allow me to let you in on a little style secret: sometimes I copy looks right out of street style, editorials and other bloggers. I can't help it - I'm not nearly as creative as I'd like to be, especially when it comes to layering! Amusingly enough, this is the second time I've copied a blogger's top under dress outfit!

Before we go one, can everyone please notice my new, absolutely amazing red ombre hair? I adore my colorist, definitely go see Sylvia at Noufal Haircolor Studio if you live in the DC Metro!

So I always seem to forget that layering under can be just as chic as layering over! Wait, is there really a difference? Either way, definitely try a top under a dress for a fresh take on clothing you already own!
I'm wearing: Tocca dress, Express striped top, Marc Jacobs belt, Kors Michael Kors heels, SXUC sunnies courtesy of Sunglasses Shop, Rachel Leigh necklace, South clutch, Juicy Couture bracelet.

Do you know who I copied the look from? See her post here, but try not to compare too much! I'm the "in real life" version :P

Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Style Challenge: Dropwaist Dress

Bonjour! I'm still in Turkey, but here's another outfit for you... me trying the dreaded dropwaist dress! I think I found my Great Gatsby outfit!

I've actually had this dress for awhile, but since I'm so short it falls a little too dropwaisted to be flattering. I keep meaning to get the waist taken up maybe half an inch, but that means going to my special tailor that can actually pull it off, and that sounds like effort... so I tried to scrunch the waist up a notch for these pictures.

I'm wearing: Diane von Furstenburg dress from Net-A-Porter, Newport News shoes, white blazer from Nasty Gal, vintage beret, and chain necklace from C. Wonder.
Dog butt photobomb!

As you can see, I have lovely new colors in my hair, but I wore a hat so you don't get the full effect. Next time...

Monday, April 15, 2013

My Style Challenge: Abstract Midi Dress

As you read this, I'm overseas in a far off land! But I took a few outfit posts to go up while I'm gone.

It's not always easy to rock a midcalf hemline when you're a mere 5'1. But I have worn a midi skirt once or twice in style challenges of yore, and so when I saw this dress in a vintage and consignment shop in San Francisco earlier this year, I knew it could look amaze!

And hooray, I'm not wrong! If you haven't read my old posts on how to style a midi skirt or dress, let me note a few things. First, I made sure to define my waist with a belt. A longer hemline doesn't need to be in a bodycon silhouette, but it should show off your figure! And econdly, I wore tall heels in a somewhat nude color to make my legs look longer.
I'm wearing: Gianfranco Ferré dress from a vintage store in CA - anyone know what collection it's from? - Levi's denim jacket from a different vintage shop in CA, Nine West heels, Jill Stuart purse from Japan, H&M belt, P.A.M. vampire necklace, Amrita Singh bangles from ideeli, Oliver Peoples sunnies.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Packing for Turkey

Eeeek, today I'm leaving on a jet plane! I'm on my way to far away and exotic Turkey for two whole weeks! Of course I needed to create a little inspiration board for what to pack! Now my sister was a little worried since Turkey is a Muslim country, and wanted me to dress super conservative the whole time. I'm not opposed to that, but I did find plenty of Vogue Turkey editorials and fabulously dressed Turkish girls on Lookbook.nu all showing skin, so I'm not too concerned about that. However, I think I will still err on the side of more coverage. Besides, I'm going to be running around the Mediterranean Sea coast with a backpack for a lot fo the time.... jeans, t-shirts and sneakers will be my uniform!

Travel Board: Turkey

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Inspiration Board: Shorts Suits

As I've mentioned, the shorts suit is back this spring even stronger than last year! I'm definitely contemplating buying one - I think it could be a super cute look for dinners or maybe even a wedding! So, hmm, how do other people rock the look?

Inspiration Board: Shorts Suits
Interesting! Most of the stylings I found paired the shorts suit with a buttoned up shirt, heels and somewhat minimal / neutral accessories. I think that would be perfect for a special night out, but I can also see dressing down a shorts suit with cute flats and a soft striped t-shirt. Obviously I need to buy one so I can do two separate style challenges!