Friday, April 05, 2013

Inspiration Board: Mixing the Same Print

Hmm, who recently wrote about mixing the same print? You know, wearing the same print but in a different color or size. I absolutely fell in love with the idea!

Mixing the Same Print
However, I've found it rather difficult to actually find pieces in the same print in different sizes or colors for sale! So instead, I've pretty much focused on the basics: Stripes, polka dots and leopard print! That way you can really shop anywhere and get the look. I have found that the floral prints at J. Crew can be very similar, so matching them together may get you the same look as well. But keep in mind that matching watercolor lilies and tiny rosettes isn't what this look it about - try and make sure the prints are as close as possible! And I recommend letting the mixed prints be the focal point of your look, letting your accessories stay in the neutral zone.

Stop, shop and roll: