Monday, April 08, 2013

My Style Challenge: Distressed Denim

I've recently rocked some boyfriend jeans, but they weren't distressed! Totally different! OK, pretty much the same, but this gave me the challenge of creating a different look with a very similar piece. Let's see how I did...

Hmm, after reviewing both pictures I give myself a B-. It's definitely a different look, but I'm still contrasting slouchy with tailored and menswear with feminine. But I do think I look pretty cool, and I dup up some old pieces in my closet I haven't worn in awhile, which is always a good thing!

I'm wearing: ASOS jeans and knit cap, black shirt from Victoria's Secret, mint DKNY tank, TopShop blazer, necklace and belt from South Moon Under, shoes by BCBGeneration.
It was hard to get a good shot of my heels in the grass, so here I am lifting myself up onto the fence! I so strong, trust me, it was not easy to balance on that tiny thing and still look lean-ish. Of course the pictures all turned out blurry but you get the idea. White heels - so fresh!