Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Style Challenge: Dropwaist Dress

Bonjour! I'm still in Turkey, but here's another outfit for you... me trying the dreaded dropwaist dress! I think I found my Great Gatsby outfit!

I've actually had this dress for awhile, but since I'm so short it falls a little too dropwaisted to be flattering. I keep meaning to get the waist taken up maybe half an inch, but that means going to my special tailor that can actually pull it off, and that sounds like effort... so I tried to scrunch the waist up a notch for these pictures.

I'm wearing: Diane von Furstenburg dress from Net-A-Porter, Newport News shoes, white blazer from Nasty Gal, vintage beret, and chain necklace from C. Wonder.
Dog butt photobomb!

As you can see, I have lovely new colors in my hair, but I wore a hat so you don't get the full effect. Next time...