Friday, April 26, 2013

Turkey - Cappadocia

So many pictures to go through from my trip to Turkey! The first few days we spent in Göreme, a small town in the central area of Cappadocia. A beautiful region full of cool rock formations, underground cities, and caves turned into homes and churches, the landscape actually inspired the set of Star Wars!

But my favorite place was Ihlara valley!! I think maybe the most beautiful place in the world, think lush, mossy grass, a babbling stream, foreign looking trees, wild goats and ducklings... I kept calling the place Narnia, hahah.
So beautiful!
We also checked out Selime Monastery which was built into the walls of a cliff! I was exhausted from climbing, let me tell you! The monastery dates back to the 13th century and was essentially carved out caves - amazing how people used what they had to make beautiful things!
I also got to cross off something from my bucket list - a ride in a balloon!!
The region is perfect for ballooning, as you can see by all the ones up in the air!
I cannot possibly recommend visiting Cappadocia more if you go to Turkey, it's an extremely special place!