Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Turkey - Istanbul

Finally we flew into Istanbul to stay with the beau's parents for a week! Of course, we still had lots and lots to see...

I loved Hagia Sophia (seen above) and the Blue Mosque! Hagia Sophia was originally an Orthodox cathedral before turning into a mosque and is now a museum. It had a huge dome and beautiful ceilings and mosaics and columns.
And, what would a trip to Turkey be without stopping by the Grand Bazaar? Alas, I was with men so I didn't get to go crazy shopping-wise, but my wallet couldn't really take it anyway! I did see lots of amazing jewelry - they have a huge gold and silver market! We stopped at a famous hookah place, of course! I don't advocate smoking, but I must say I look pretty darn cool in the picture above!
Mosaic lamps were a big thing in the bazaar as well... check these out! I wish I could have bought one, but getting something fragile like that home seemed like too much of a terror.
We also went to a lot of palaces! Topkapi Palace is older and full of ancient religious relics, including Moses' wood staff (fer real!) and bits of Mohammad's beard. Wish I could have taken pictures!!! Küçüksu Palace (its courtyard fountain seen above) was more European and modern, but still very cool and full of beautiful furniture I wanted to steal, ahahah.
One of the more exciting and random things I got to do in Turkey was attend a wedding! We went last minute, good thing I had bought this cotton maxi dress from Target the day I left!! Especially since it turned out to be formal (my beau of course didn't remember the dress code). So cool to experience a wedding in a different culture!
Overall, my trip was truly amazing, a once in a lifetime experience I hope to repeat again soon!