Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Abercrombie & Fitch - For Cool Kids Only?

When I first heard that Abercrombie &Fitch CEO had said his stores didn't sell XL or XXL sizes to keep the not so cool kids from wearing their clothing... I was honestly more confused than enraged. I really thought we had moved past only size zero kids being in the "in crowd!" Sure the athletic kids tended to be cool, but in my high school being an XL and being popular was not mutally exclusive by any means.

Even MTV knows bitchy cheerleaders come in all sizes!
In the end I was like, whatever, I don't shop there and, if they manage to still exist years in the future, I will not let my kids shop there.

But one man proved more could be done, in the most hilarious way possible! He scoured his local thrift shop for all the A&F clothing and donated them all to the homeless! I'm all about making this a thing, hahah.
Via Huffington Post