Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hot & Humid Office Attire

It's started... the time in DC where temperatures sore up to the 90s and the humidity hits epic proportions! So what's a girl with a office dress code to do? I have built out a great summer wardrobe for you:

Hot & Humid Work Chic
I should note I would supplement this closet with about a zillion cotton James Perse tees in every color possible, hahah. When building your perfect summer work wardrobe remember a few important things:

  1. Lighten up. It's true, lighter clothing really does seem to keep you cooler! But note that light blue shows pit stains more than any other color... who knew?!?
  2. Check your fabrics. Yeah yeah, leather is cool for summer. I recently wore a faux leather skirt... and nearly ripped it off me I was so sweaty along the waistband! So aim for madras, cotton, seersucker, linen, chambrey - all fabrics & textiles that will let your skin breathe!
  3. Look for loose shapes. No bandage dresses for me this summer! I'm going for more flowy, with wider pants and flared skirts and dresses.

Shop my penultimate office wardrobe for the summer: