Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Style Challenge: A Shorts Suit

Yes, I decided to buy a shorts suit this year!! At first I was against the idea - not like I could wear it to work and I certainly don't go out enough to justify buying one. But then it occurred to me that I do wear a lot of blazers and shorts separately... haha!

I ended up wearing the pieces together for a good friend's wedding down in Virginia Beach! I was originally going to pair with a button down blouse, but I felt like it was too tomboy-ish for my own personal style... I am all about glam, especially for a wedding! So I threw on my fabulous halter top that seems to always be perfect for every occasion!
I'm wearing: Express jacket and shorts, shoes from Guess, Banana Republic halter top, bag and anklet from ShopBop. Almost my entire look could have come from the mall!
And I am so obsessed with anklets right now!! I may need to get this one shortened, though, as I have the world's tiniest ankles!
Congrats to the happy couple!

Stay tuned for wedding attire advice!