Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ten Essential Summer Trends

I skipped this for spring, so here is the summer edition of ten essential trends!!

Ten Summer Essentials

  1. A shorts suit: Perfect for a night out or wedding! See my inspiration board for ideas on how to wear one!
  2. White pumps: A fresh take on neutral heels! I have an inspiration board for styling this as well.
  3. Overalls: Pair with heels for a grown-up take. And, you guessed it, I've done an inspiration board!
  4. Holograph accessories and accents: Edgy and futuristic in the most summery possible. I prefer this to actual see-through pieces... my purse is a hot mess and I really don't want people to know!
  5. Bold stripes: No wussy breton stripes here! I mentioned this back in Jan and they are still goes tres strong.
  6. Asian inspiration: Especially floral prints! It's a new way to wear florals for summer.
  7. Laser cut-outs: On skirt hems, heels, tops and more, it's the perfect way to keep cool during summer.
  8. A crop top: Not as scary as you think! I have already shown you three ways to rock one!
  9. Water print: This was all over the runways, but not a lot of options have been available yet. I have found a few now, so keep your eyes peeled!
  10. Photo print: On a skirt, pants or dress, a photo print is a great statement piece for your summer wardrobe!