Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mint Stripe Dress

In my quest to sweeten up my wardrobe a little, I of course also went to ModCloth! I love their selection of vintage-inspired dresses, and this one particularly caught my eye. Stripes are not traditional romantic but in this floaty number it could be just the thing! Buy for $45.

Kitty Ear Hat

Yes, this hat is everything I've eve want ever!!!! Well, maybe not exactly, but close enough! And it's only $26 at ASOS  - so impossibly tempting, should I buy it??

Ruffled Hem Blazer

I've been looking for more sweet, romantic pieces to even out all my bombshell looks, so of course my first stop is Anthropologie! I found this great blazer - love it in pink but it also comes in green, black and navy for $118.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ombre Cardigan

You guys know I love me a good ombre! This cardi is just the thing for colder nights at the beach this summer, and will be great for fall! Buy at Nasty Gal for $68.

Monday, July 29, 2013

My Style Challenge: SloMo Walk

Back to your regular fashion programming!

Yeah, I guess since the break up I've been dressing a little more for attention. I have this intense urge to be walking down the street in slow motion with sexy music playing and everyone's head's turning... is that so wrong??

I wore this look out over the weekend for a girls night - who doesn't want to hit the town with a group of fabulous ladies. And we all walk in slow motion. Why am I so obsessed with that - I seriously love any movie with a scene like that, Mean Girls, Miss Congeniality... even The House Bunny!

I'm wearing: BCBG dress (yeah, they make all my zexy dresses), vintage Levi's vest, shoes courtesy of Payless, Jill Stuart purse, and Tom Ford sunnies. Jewelry includes necklace from Nicole Miller and bracelets from BCBG and one gifted from Stella + Dot.
Hooray for bodycon dresses!

Friday, July 26, 2013

New Friends Across the Country

So I've pretty much wrapped up my Comic-Con 2013 coverage! Except for one thing... I kinda met someone! It was all very convoluted and a little drama-filled but I have to give you a little bit of a run down, of course!

So my BFF Alyssa and I met a guy the first night, let's call him Comic-Con Guy, who seemed super friendly and nice and outgoing. I really liked how we could all vibe off each other and have great conversations together. Let's just say Alyssa and First Kiss just didn't have the same mesh-iness. Anyhoo, I was planning to have dinner alone the next day and decided to instead man up and eat with this new friend instead! I am constantly terrified of awkward silences, but we had so much in common that I had an amazing time! Such a good time that I was super happy to meet up with him at a party the next night while Alyssa was still at a panel.

Again, we talked and talked. Suddenly he took my hand and I was like, gosh, what's happening, is he trying to make his ex jealous (she was at the party with her new beau)? And then the next thing you know he was kissing me! Is this my new thing - guys who surprise me with a smooch? It's not like I had zero idea that he was into me, but I'm pretty damn good at convincing myself that I'm just being an egotistical brat and that I'm wrong.

But don't you worry my lovely readers, I'm not jumping into a new relationship super fast yet again. Comic-Con Guy lives across the country in California. We talked and decided that long distance isn't something that can work, especially for people who have just met. However, we are definitely staying friends and I'm hoping he visits me in DC sometime soon!

Comic-Con 2013: Meeting Spike

Probably one of the best Comic-Con experiences ever was thanks to the best BFF in the world Alyssa! I got to meet my childhood (and still current) crush Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Ok, his real name is James Marsters, but he will always be Spike to me!

She got us special VIP tickets to go see his band, Ghost of the Robot, and he was the super zexy lead singer:

At the end they tossed out a drumstick and I got it!! With a little prodding from Alyssa, I was so star struck I could barely move! After the show I literally just marched right back stage to introduce myself, hahahah. I may be a little fearless when I've had a cocktail or two! Then we went to the special upstairs VIP lounge where I got all the band members to sign my drumstick, which is totally going in a special case to hang on my wall!
Sigh, he's so dreamy! Too bad he's married or I would have totally run off with him!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Comic-Con 2013 Cosplay: Dalek

For those non-Whovians out there, a Dalek is an evil little alien living instead an armored machine and they roll around causing havoc for Doctor Who and his friends!

They are kinda hilariously snarky, but lack most emotions. And they run around screaming "Exterminate!!" Hahah.
As you can see, Alyssa created a killer dress inspired by a Dalek! I helped her a bit with the sewing and she glued on a bunch of gold Easter eggs and other cool things to really make the best Dalek dress I've seen! Craftinate!!!

Comic-Con 2013: Rikku Cosplay

My other cosplay for Comic-Con this year was Rikku from the Final Fantasy X series!

She was plunky, thief like character who could sometimes act like a brat... just like me!
Tah dah! Do you like??

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Comic-Con 2013 Cosplays - Day Three

I think this is my last set of excellent cosplays from Comic-Con - enjoy!

Giant props are the best way to stand out at Comic-Con!
This guy was a line watcher, making sure people knew where to queue up. And he decided to have some fun with it :)
I took this snap and immediately ran away screaming.
Anyone recognize?
How about her, anyone recognize her?
Duff Man needs more Duff!
This is why I don't watch The Walking Dead - hello nightmares!
Definitely one of the most elaborate cosplays of the whole con!
Bob's Burgers! Yeah I need to rotate... will do it later :P
I can't decide if this is cute or not. Aww, let's get a picture of you with slave Leia!
This, on the other hand, was definitely cute. And probably my favorite cosplay of the whole con.
A bad ass Spartan promoting the 300 sequel.
The Community mascot!
Loved this steampunk wheelchair!
Tres sexy Catwoman!
Very nice... anyone recognize?
Off with their heads!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Comic-Con 2013: X-23 Cosplay

Time to share my own Comic-Con cosplays! First up, I did X-23.

She's a female clone of Wolverine, brainwashed to be the perfect assassin. She eventually escaped, but is still a little on the damaged side, ahahha. Here I am:
No, I have no idea why my abs look so good here. I took a picture a day later and they disappeared! Must have been the perfect storm of lighting!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Comic-Con 2013 Cosplays - Day Two

More Comic-Con madness for you today! It started slow, but eventually I got a ton of great pictures!!

A little lightsabre battle in the street!
Anyone recognize these anime guys?
One of the Mad Max guys, guess what movie is getting redone!
This is when I got very super hero heavy
I like how every from the back his cosplay is impressive.
Time for the Marvel cosplay event... yes I took part!
Mystique and Emma Frost.
Someone screamed "Don't touch the tips!!" during this picture..
I feel very patriotic!
I recognize Psylocke and Inuyasha.
Old school vs new.
I love people in cosplay texting or doing other mundane things!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Comic-Con 2013 Cosplays - Day One

I'm currently at Comic-Con!! Here are some great costumes from day one I wanted to share with you!

Doctor Who Tardis's!
Leia as a bounty hunter. UPDATE: This was apparently Johnny Galecki from The Big Bang Theory going incognito!
An awesome Gandolf
Heroes in a half shell!
Some super heroines to the rescue!
Real chain metal!
Catching up between avenging.
The Hello Kitty booth girls!