Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Comic-Con 2013 Cosplays - Day Three

I think this is my last set of excellent cosplays from Comic-Con - enjoy!

Giant props are the best way to stand out at Comic-Con!
This guy was a line watcher, making sure people knew where to queue up. And he decided to have some fun with it :)
I took this snap and immediately ran away screaming.
Anyone recognize?
How about her, anyone recognize her?
Duff Man needs more Duff!
This is why I don't watch The Walking Dead - hello nightmares!
Definitely one of the most elaborate cosplays of the whole con!
Bob's Burgers! Yeah I need to rotate... will do it later :P
I can't decide if this is cute or not. Aww, let's get a picture of you with slave Leia!
This, on the other hand, was definitely cute. And probably my favorite cosplay of the whole con.
A bad ass Spartan promoting the 300 sequel.
The Community mascot!
Loved this steampunk wheelchair!
Tres sexy Catwoman!
Very nice... anyone recognize?
Off with their heads!