Friday, July 26, 2013

New Friends Across the Country

So I've pretty much wrapped up my Comic-Con 2013 coverage! Except for one thing... I kinda met someone! It was all very convoluted and a little drama-filled but I have to give you a little bit of a run down, of course!

So my BFF Alyssa and I met a guy the first night, let's call him Comic-Con Guy, who seemed super friendly and nice and outgoing. I really liked how we could all vibe off each other and have great conversations together. Let's just say Alyssa and First Kiss just didn't have the same mesh-iness. Anyhoo, I was planning to have dinner alone the next day and decided to instead man up and eat with this new friend instead! I am constantly terrified of awkward silences, but we had so much in common that I had an amazing time! Such a good time that I was super happy to meet up with him at a party the next night while Alyssa was still at a panel.

Again, we talked and talked. Suddenly he took my hand and I was like, gosh, what's happening, is he trying to make his ex jealous (she was at the party with her new beau)? And then the next thing you know he was kissing me! Is this my new thing - guys who surprise me with a smooch? It's not like I had zero idea that he was into me, but I'm pretty damn good at convincing myself that I'm just being an egotistical brat and that I'm wrong.

But don't you worry my lovely readers, I'm not jumping into a new relationship super fast yet again. Comic-Con Guy lives across the country in California. We talked and decided that long distance isn't something that can work, especially for people who have just met. However, we are definitely staying friends and I'm hoping he visits me in DC sometime soon!