Friday, August 09, 2013

Angel vs. Devil

And a new player has entered into my chaotic love life. This new guy has a British accent and ridiculous cheekbones, so let's call him Spike. Anyhoo, Spike has decided he will seduce me into settling down here with him or something like that. Spike knows about Comic Con Guy and does not care, and has decided to play the role of sexy bad boy - he is the devil on my shoulder.

And Comic Con Guy is definitely the angel on my other shoulder. Sweet and thoughtful and an all around nice guy, he is who my thoughts drift to. And things would be just perfect... if we didn't live on the other sides of the country.

So here I am with Spike the bad boy, close at hand and plotting to win me over somehow, with the angel far away. Now, yes, I am an adult and some damsel in distress who can't fend off the affections of a nefarious man. But I must say the whole situation has thrown me a little. What exactly is his strategy? Is there some plan I would be susceptible to? Will the long distance get to me? I don't like having these questions!