Thursday, August 01, 2013

The "It's Not a Relationship" Relationship

So as I've mentioned, I made a new friend at Comic-Con. Comic-Con guy is super sweet, loves all the same things as me, and lives on the side side of the country. So even though we both were into each other, we decided it would be best to just stay friends.

And yet... we text each other every day. Probably the longest we now go without some form of communication is from when I go to bed to when he wakes up. I have suddenly lost interest in my online dating profiles. We're planning on trips out to see each other. He already knows more about me than First Kiss, who I dated for more than eight months!!

Maybe we're both being weenies and by entering into a faux relationship instead of a scary real one. But it does feel very real to me and there is some opportunity for it to get even more so... but we shall see!