Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ombre Faux Fur Coat

ombre faux fur coat
It's so fluffy!!!!!! Buy at Nasty Gal for $130.

Budget Formal Gown

My company's gala is next month and I don't have a dress! Well, I do have some cocktail dresses I could wear, but I prefer a gown for black tie. But alas, I really don't have the money right now... maybe this beautiful piece could be mine though as it's just $100 at ModCloth!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Double Layer Crop Top

I saw a lot of crops in the NY Fashion Week street style pics! I was a fan of all, but particularly some of the looser shapes. Try the trend out with this pretty, yet super affordable piece - on sale for just $14 at Mikkat Market!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Cuticle Temporary Tattoos

Do you think temporary cuticle tattoos are the next big thing? I absolutely love how they look - but I feel like I could probably duplicate the look with a fine point sharpie. You can buy at Rad Nails for $6 a sheet!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Lust for Less: Leather Tank

Leather is always super hot for fall! I love loose leather tops as a fun way to rock the trend in a not overly sexual way. I've found two leather tanks at various points, both at Neiman Marcus!

This Alice + Olivia lambskin tank is super killer! But for $395, it's way out of most girls' price ranges.
So here is this chic Dakota leather tank for a much more affordable $110! Hooray! So, does anyone have $110 I can borrow? :P

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Two Romantics Walk Into a Relationship...

Comic-Con Guy's visit was awesome! We went to practically all the monuments in DC, some I had never been to before, and a super nice restaurant I hadn't even heard of called Corduroy I must recommend. We wandered in Georgetown and had brunch and mini pies. I even got pissy and upset at one point and he totally managed to get me to open up and make me feel better. Best of all, my favorite moments were us just sitting on the couch, watching geeky things and cuddling. It made the vision of us in a day to day relationship so much more real. The snuggles, oh how I miss them already!!

And he may have dropped the L-Bomb and I may not have freaked out over it! I should note, what he said exactly was "I think I love you," which is less panic-inducing. And I refrained from saying it back, even though I admit I love everything I know about him so far. But, having known each other for less than two months, this was a complete 180 from my last relationship, which moved at  glacier-like pace.

No getting around it, the last guy I dated, First Kiss, was a commitaphobe. I suppose it's to be expected when an independant person can't fully figure out what they want out of life... not only are they unsure of their future, they want to figure it out on their own first before they see themselves "settling down." And it worked for me at the time, as I needed to take things slowly before I moved forward. But naturally I'm a bit of a romantic.

And it's becoming apparent that Comic-Con Guy is as well. So what happens when two romantics ready for happily ever after start dating? Well, we haven't started picking out china patterns yet, but we are meeting in Vegas in November and I have felt the need to say "Let's not get drunk and get married." His response?

"You sure?"

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Style Challenge: Crop & Midi

I'm revisiting the crop top!! I wore one during summer, but I saw so many girls rocking it at NY Fashion Week that I just had to do it again!

I'm wearing: Lulu*s crop top, Helen Wang midi skirt from Bluefly, Zara heels, vintage Levi's jacket, Michael Kors sunnies. Jewelry includes earrings from Anthropologie, necklace from my mom, nail ring from Etsy store Mintloft.
That's right, I've bought into the nail ring trend! Mostly because I got a super cheap one from Etsy... it's kinda fun but if I wore it out for a girls' night it would surely get lost.
I really like the idea of balancing out a crop top (NO belly button please) with a midi skirt for fall. Would you try the look??

Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall Must Buys

So it's pretty much officially fall... sure it's technically not, but once NY Fashion Week is over I like to think it's time to bust out autumn stylings! So what's on my must has list this season??

Fall Must Haves

1. Winter White - wear a monotone all white look this winter for a super clean, chic look!
2. Over the Knee Boot - looks best with no or a stacked heel, a stiletto can look stripperella..
3. Knit Beanie - grunge is coming back, embrace it!
4. Cocoon Coat - an oversized, rounded shoulder coat is just the thing to bundle up in
5. Fashionable Sweatshirt - not something to lounge on the couch in, it's time to see and be seen in a sweatshirt
6. Boyfriend Jeans - Slouchy and distressed jeans are the thing for fall!
7. Sneakers - Probably not to pair with aforementioned sweatshirt and boyfriend jeans, contrast with tailored looks instead
8. Culottes - Oh yes, this will be big from now until at least next spring!
9. Hand Soiree - Stack those rings, best if on multiple knuckles
10. Midi Skirt - Not always the easiest length to pull off, but looks so chic!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Leather Feather Necklace

I am swooning over this fab leather feather necklace!! Great organic look, super statement and just $28 at Front Row Shop? Sold!!

Talking About Fashion... That Doesn't Exists

This went around all over yesterday but I wanted to share in case you hadn't seen it!

SO MEAN BUT SO TRUE. Fashion kids tend to just make things up all the time, it's all about talking with conviction, right? "It's called fashion, look it up."

I'd like to think that if I was there I would admit if I didn't know a designer, but then I probably just wouldn't have made it into this clip.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mani Nail Rings

One of the fashionable girls at work approached me about mani rings yesterday... and I admit I was like "dafck you talking about??" She showed me this Daily Mail link and I was like, "oh I understands!"

Pretty cute right?? The problem was she couldn't find anything online! So I was tasked with seeking out this elusive creature. And success was had!
First I went to my new trend standby - ASOS. I found this triangle ring, but it doesn't look quite as secure as I would like. Well, if it does fall off, it was only $11.
I then found this long, blinged out ring at KarmaLoop for $38. A bit scary for my tastes, but certainly standout!!

Then I hit almost jackpot with this find at Sephora. Very high quality, looks secure and on sale for $11! I just wish there were more colors!
Lastly, I found these on Etsy for $19. There's acutally a decent number of options on Etsy, so go forth and search for "nail rings" and see what tickles your fancy!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Style Challenge: Girlfriend Material

After 50 plus days, Comic Con Guy and I were finally reunited! He came to visit me in DC over the weekend, so of course I had to pull together a perfect outfit for him to see me again. Something not super sexy, more feminine and sweet and says, "I'm your girlfriend!!"

I absolutely love this look, I feel like no guy should be able to resist my charms in it! I felt like an ethereal Grecian goddess.

I'm wearing: Dress from Urban Outfitters (still there and on sale!), vintage Levi's jacket, grey obi belt from a local DC designer I can't recall, purple tank from H&M, wedge sandals from Lulu*s, scarf from a Nicholas K fashion show, Giant Dwarf star bobby pins from fab.
I lurve my new pretty star hair pins!! As for how Comic Con Guy's visit went... well you'll just have to wait until I post about it!!

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Zig Zag Oversized Coat

Oversized coats are going to be super chic this fall and winter!! I know it's still tres warm out, but surely you must at lease start thinking about colder days, no? Buy this coat at ASOS for $110.

Kitty Ear Hat

This fabulous animal ear cap from BCBG is so divine - you know how I love quirky hats! Plus it only costs a reasonable $48 - preorder today!

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Relationship Quantum Leaper

A few of my friends have noted that I seem to go from relationship to relationship without spending more than a month or two single. After all, it was barely more than a week after First Kiss and I broke up that Comic Con Guy and I met, and probably only a few weeks more before we decided to give long distance a go.

Luckily, all of my friends who have known me for 10+ years (two of my best friends are middle school and before!) have zero concerns. I suppose they've seen me be "Single V" enough that they aren't worried that I'm a relationship addict.

Of course time changes everyone, and perhaps now that I've had a taste of sweet, delicious long term relationship, I must have more? And well, the fact that I'm ready to settle down with someone certainly doesn't help.

But I don't believe it will drive me to stupidity. I know that I do end up dating again more quickly than most girls do and that maybe I should take more time to heal after a break up. But I also know that I do trust my instincts and go with my gut. And when I know a guy isn't right for me, I shut that down immediately. Because, yes, I told more than a few guys that we should only be friends before Comic Con Guy and I got all official relationship-y.

And I again have a very good feeling about this, something Comic Con Guy has echoed: "This doesn't feel like early relationship excitement. It feels like something so much deeper."

No, my instincts aren't always right, if they were I certainly wouldn't be divorced. But it's not like they're horribly wrong either, where I have a really good feeling about my pot smoking, guitar teaching ex or Mr. Maybe I'll Leave Her For You.

So, fingers crossed, perhaps I won't boff up my happily ever after with my actions!

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

My Style Challenge: Godmother

Over the weekend I was honored to be my nephew's godmother!

I had to, of course, create the perfect godmother-y ensemble for the occasion! I like to say that you can tell how often a person attends church by how fancy they dress. As you can see, it's been awhile for me:

I'm wearing: Tracy Reese dress from Nordstrom Rack, Nine West shoes, Foley + Corinna purse, vintage beret, and Michael Kors belt. Jewelry includes: Earrings and necklace from Anthropologie, BCBG bracelets and Banana Republic ring.
I am so happy I stole this necklace back from my mom after she never wore it - isn't it just super fab??
Yay, time to nom the babeh!